Dr. Warren Licht: What to Expect in an Internal Medicine Residency Program

Dr. Warren Licht served as the Program Director for New York Downtown Hospital’s Internal Medicine Residency Training Program, where he was chief medicine resident in 1995. During that time Dr. Licht was appointed a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine.

Internal medicine covers a broad range of medical fields. Practitioners of internal medicine typically specialize in one or more of several fields, which include general internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonary diseases, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, and many more. Most internal medicine residency programs cover all areas of diagnosing and treating ailments of the adult human body. However, certain doctors or programs specialize in particular areas. Thus, a medical student planning to complete a residency in internal medicine may wish to consider potential fields of specialization when applying to or enrolling in a particular internal medicine residency program.

Completion of an internal medicine residency program requires a minimum commitment of three years. In addition, in order to quality for a United States based ACGME accredited residency program, a student must pass a series of board examinations before becoming eligible. Internists, practitioners of Internal Medicine, typically continue educational pursuits throughout their careers by staying up to date on advancements, technologies, and procedures in their fields.


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