Before an International Vacation, Visit a Travel Medicine Doctor

Dr. Warren Licht specializes in preventive care and international travel medicine. Dr. Warren Licht advises travelers on the vaccines and precautions necessary for trips to various countries.

Most people realize that when traveling to some areas, such as countries in Africa, special vaccines become necessary. It’s less common for people to talk to a specialist in international travel medicine for trips to places like the United Kingdom, Mexico, or Australia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even when traveling to England, it may be worthwhile depending on your individual risk factors for each disease, to get vaccinated against both Hepatitis A and B. For trips to certain parts of Central America, a Typhoid vaccine is strongly suggested. For long trips to remote areas in parts of Asia, protection against Japanese Encephalitis may be necessary.

International travel doctors pay attention to the CDC’s recent travel health notices. These notices alert travelers to special situations like outbreaks of Measles in Japan and Poland, and polio outbreaks occurring in several countries in Africa and the Middle East. The best way for travelers to protect themselves is by seeing a doctor four to six weeks before their departure.


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